martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

Beauty and the beast (two versions)

Let's watch the tradtional version of this fairy tale...

Now, let's watch another version of the story...

After watching both versions, try to spot the differences between one and the other


A not so famous fairy tale...

This is the video of "The princess and the pea". Watch it after seeing the presentation

miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

A day in the Fairy Godmother's life!

Hello! I am the Fairy Godmother. I am very happy to meet you! Would you like to learn about a typical day in my life? Maybe if you do all this, you can become a fairy godmother or a wizard too!

First, I get up at 6 o'clock. I never get up late! Fairies are always busy, so you have to start really early to do everything! Then, I go to the toilet to brush my teeth. After that, I have breakfast. I have two waffles with jam and a big cup of hot chocolate for breakfast. You have to be really energetic to do magic and a great breakfast is necessary!
After having breakfast, I start my work: I turn on the computer and read all the mails of the people who need my help. Sometimes I help people in Argentina; sometimes I help people in India, or even in China! I get on my flying carpet and...
fly to different places!
At 5 o'clock, I come back home and have some tea with toasts. When I finish, I study magic or take flying lessons, or sometimes I fix my magic wand! It works day and night, so sometimes it doesn't work properly.
I have a shower at 7.30 pm and then I have dinner and go to bed. I always read a book before I sleep.
As you can see, my day is always busy! But I love my work!!